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Washington Tour
This route starts in Seattle and makes one big loop through the state ending back up in Seattle. Some of the roads are wide, well-maintained gravel and many are rugged and narrow 2-track with steep grades, exposed corners and no warning signs or guard rails. This route offers a less-traveled path for anyone looking to experience the beauty of Washington and explore back country areas. The route includes many paved road options for travelers seeking a more relaxed adventure. There are many great camp spots along the way for those looking to rough it. The route also works well for those looking to stay in hotels or to do a little of both. If you are interested in a great ride, this is it.
Idaho Tour
Come take a ride with us on the spectacular 2019 Idaho Back country Discovery Route (IDBDR) tour. The IDBDR route is an awesome ride across the entire state of Idaho, from the southern Canadian border to the northern border of Nevada. You’ll get to ride the everything from the well-known evergreen forests to incredible two-track trails through pristine primal forests. There are so many incredible routes in Idaho, from the famous Lolo motorway to the Magruder Corridor you’ll find no shortage of scenery on this beautiful ride. If you have been looking for an exotic, “in the middle of nowhere” ride in the US, this is it! We’ll give new meaning to “back country” as we traverse across the awesome state of Idaho. Like our other trips we will be mixing it up between camping one night and hotels one night. We will supply all necessary camping gear.
All inclusive to each trip is bike rental, camping gear, food, and lodging. Just pick up motorcycle rental insurance and bring along your personal items needed for comfort. 
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